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3 Meditation Techniques That Are Good For The Body and Soul

Updated: Jul 27, 2021

Taking the time to care for yourself is a priority when coping with divorce. While your schedule may be overloaded, meditation can be accomplished in under ten minutes, and the benefits are immeasurable. Not only will you find yourself less stressed, but you will also notice your mind becoming sharper. Meditation also helps to lower anxiety, and can work to minimize pain. Here are three meditation techniques that are good for the body and the soul.

1. Mindful Meditation

To engage in mindful meditation, you must first set aside the time. Sit comfortably, and observe the present moment as it is. Allow yourself to let go of any judgements. While your mind attempts to carry your thoughts away, bring yourself back to the present repeatedly. Pay attention to your breath. You may choose to keep your eyes closed, or tilt your chin down to soften your gaze. Rather than get angry with yourself for your distracted mind, recognize that bringing yourself gently back to the present takes practice. The goal is to keep progressing. Once you’ve finished, observe how your body feels. Notice your emotions and thoughts. You should feel much more relaxed and focused than before. Set aside five to ten minutes every day for Mindful Meditation, and soon you will find your focus improving.

2. Mantra Meditation

Mantra Meditation involves reciting a mantra over and over to help you relax, focus, and promote positivity. Chanting can help to anchor the mind in concentration rather than allowing one’s thoughts to jump from place to place. Chanting mantras can also be an effective way to release emotion. Buddhists believe that mantras adjust the vibration of your chakras, aligning your awareness with yourself and the infinite. You may choose to chant “I have everything I need” to remind yourself to appreciate the small things. Reciting mantras can help to align your thoughts with positive thinking. Consider mantra meditation every morning before starting your day, or before a big event, such as an important meeting.

3. Guided Meditation

Guided meditation is another way to relax and free your mind. It can be helpful to have someone else to talk you through the process, especially if you are new to meditation. You can find a wealth of information and resources online, including free videos, audio files to help guide you through meditation, or compact disks to purchase. You can also borrow a book on guided meditation from your local library.

Another way to find peace is through the power of prayer. No matter what religion you may or may not follow, taking the time to pray can help you mentally, physically, and spiritually. Prayer is scientifically known to offset the negative health effects of stress, and can be a source of comfort when coping with divorce.

While we cannot control what happens in our everyday lives, we can control how we react. Meditation is one way to help us slow down and make more mindful decisions. It has also been proven to help reduce anxiety and stress. Use this guide to help you get started on meditative practices today.

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