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The Journey 

 On the surface, we may be resisting change, but oftentimes, on a deeper level, there is a strong desire for that change.  Change can be daunting and we can spend a lot of time, money and energy making choices and pursuing options that do not serve our goals. It’s easy to procrastinate, lose our focus, and become overwhelmed.

Working with Tamara

Accomplishing major life goals with additional support from someone in your corner can be powerful! I work with you to find those little seeds buried deep within, challenging your assumptions until you reach that moment of growth. The epiphanies we will discover together that clear away confusion and spark your breakthroughs to clarity and action, will be as unique as you are. 

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We work together to clarify your challenge(s), explore different perspectives and create coaching goals that align with your desired outcomes.


We will work together to prepare you to take on the journey of transition and transformation, by making sure you are showing up to your journey in the best way possible.


We will work together to build the tools and tactics to accomplish your desired outcomes. You will believe in yourself and learn how to become a better self-advocate.


Transition is always about what best serves you. We will work together through celebrating breakthroughs informed by your introspection and decisions.

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