How We Can Work Together

Many times during protracted high-conflict transitions and crisis, what is needed is a professional with a clear-eyed view of the situation at hand. As your strategic thought partner, Tamara is that impartial and experienced professional who can guide you each step of the way with clarity and purpose.


Tamara will work directly with you, providing you with the best tools and strategies to manage the specific challenges and complexities of your unique journey.

Client Testimonial

“Tamara speaks with great passion, great knowledge, and the deep wisdom that comes with personal experience. She provides clear and insightful guidance so you won’t be blindsided. She inspires those listening to believe in themselves and the promising future that awaits them.”

                                    – Ken Dolan-Del Vecchio, LMFT, LCSW, DVS, CEAP, SPHR



Services We Offer

Seminars & Workshops

Efforts around crisis management and transition are typically coordinated by
varying groups of individuals and professionals, who are advocates for change within their organizations or academic institutions.


Tamara Harris LLC offers organizations and academic institutions curriculum design and development services where we will tailor a portfolio of services for professionals or students that include: planning and implementing new curricula or modifying existing programs.


Additionally, our webinars and seminars are configured for conventional, online, and distance-learning settings.

Personal & Executive coaching

Coaching helps you to identify concerns and acknowledge challenges, in order to show up to your transition journey in the right way. We will support you in navigating what are often emotionally, personally, and professionally complicated situations.

Our Executive Coaching programs support an organization’s leadership development
work. For our coaching sessions, we use a variety of techniques such as values
clarification, self-assessments, reflection, feedback, accountability, and real world

Motivational Speaking

Effective leaders, motivated teams, and inspired individuals can direct great accomplishments. Tamara Harris LLC’s motivational speaking programs are
focused, productive, and empowering.



We will partner with you to establish clear objectives and then formulate a road map that ensures your audience of executives, employees, or individuals in your group are all on track to move forward and achieve their goals.


Tamara is also available for keynote speaking engagements ranging from small groups to large events. 


Let’s Start Your Journey Together

The Journey 

"What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.” Ralph Waldo Emerson