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Coaching Services

Many times during protracted high-conflict transitions and crisis, what is needed is a professional with a clear-eyed view of the situation at hand. As your strategic thought partner, I am an impartial and experienced professional who can guide you each step of the way as you activate your power and purpose.


I will work directly with you, providing you with the best tools and strategies to manage the specific challenges and complexities of your unique journey.

Transitional Coaching

During our coaching sessions, we will use a variety of techniques such as values clarification, self-assessments, reflection, feedback, accountability, and real world exercises to aid in reinventing yourself.

Business Meeting

Organization Solutions

Our team will partner with you to establish clear objectives and formulate a road map to ensure that your audience of executives, employees, or individuals are inspired and on track to move forward and achieve common goals.

Business Meeting

Transition Tactician  Academy

Coaching courses designed to help you create clarity and move forward with confidence when navigating your transition journeys.

What we offer


“Tamara speaks with great passion, great knowledge, and the deep wisdom that comes with personal experience. She provides clear and insightful guidance so you won’t be blindsided. She inspires those listening to believe in themselves and the promising future that awaits them.”

– Ken Dolan-Del Vecchio, LMFT, LCSW, DVS, CEAP, SPHR

 "Hardships often prepare ordinary people for an extraordinary destiny." - C.S. Lewis. 

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