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Serenity In A Suitcase: How To Pack For A Zen Vacation

Updated: Jul 27, 2021

Traveling can be stressful. We all end up carrying too much luggage, overbooking our schedules, and rushing from here to there. Instead of returning home refreshed, we arrive exhausted. This summer, choose to simplify your travel plans, so that you can actually extend the benefits of relaxation upon your return home. Whether you are anticipating a solo retreat or a family getaway with your children, incorporate some Zen into your itinerary with these tips.

Plan Ahead: Create a checklist of the essentials you need for the duration of your stay, and don’t stray from that list. You don’t want to forget anything of importance, or bring along extra items that are unnecessary baggage.

Travel Light: Most of us never end up wearing all the clothes we bring on vacation. Pare down your travel wardrobe, and stick with just a few classic, coordinating pieces that you can mix and match, or accessorize to create new looks.

Whittle Down: If you find it difficult to decide which items to leave behind, put everything that you think you need in one large pile. Practice the art of Zen by separating the wants from the needs, and slowly strip away what is not necessary.

Bring A Backpack: Backpacks are great for travel. They leave your hands free, they don’t take up much space, and they are a rather difficult to overstuff.

Commit To Light Reading: While it may be tempting to bring a variety of reading materials, pack only one book. If you happen to finish it, you can always pick up another elsewhere. Better yet, download an audiobook for your journey.

Tame The Toiletries: Only bring what you absolutely need for your trip. Anything else can be purchased once you reach your destination.

Simplify The Security Process: When flying, you’ll be asked if anything is in your pockets. All you need in your pocket is a passport or ID. Use electronic tickets through your smartphone to cut back on paper pile up.

Go With The Flow: Try not to over plan your trip. Taking a Zen vacation means soaking up the atmosphere of each place before moving on to the next. Leave room for unplanned activities, so that you can make the most of your journey without the stress of having to stay on schedule.

Taking a vacation is good for the soul, especially when dealing with divorce. Follow these Zen packing tips, and you may receive the greatest souvenir of all, a rested spirit and body. Have a safe, happy, and refreshing journey.

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