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A Practical Roadmap for Navigating Through Financial Matters During Divorce.

Updated: Jul 27, 2021

“I want a divorce.” These 4 words have the ability to change the trajectory of not only your life but also the lives of your children and other dependents as well. Author Heather Locus, along with contributors Peter M. Walzer, Yasmine S. Mehmet, and Lauren Waddell join forces to offer the reader a perspective on the next steps in the aftermath of that divorce declaration based on their experience in financial analysis and matrimonial law.

This book serves as a very general guide for anyone who has questions regarding how to navigate the initial stages of a divorce journey along with guidance on key issues to consider when convening your divorce team and negotiating your financial agreement. Written in an inviting and user-friendly format, the book also contains helpful worksheets to assist with organizing your thoughts, preparing for meetings, and reflecting upon your experiences.

While neither this book, nor this review is intended to replace the advice of your legal and financial professionals, or the laws of your specific state, having tools in your divorce toolkit that can help to inform your decisions is crucial to not only your financial wellness but potentially your future. This resource would have been a most welcomed addition to my divorce library during my divorce journey.

Rating: 4 out of 4 compasses!

Where to find it: Copies of this book can be obtained by visiting the AAML bookstore page at: Cost: $15.00 USD

Publisher: The American Association of Matrimonial Lawyers and Balasa Dinverno Foltz LLC.

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