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Tamara Harris

Transition Tactician Coach

Transition Tactician Academy

I'm an accomplished transition coaching expert, educator, and advocate dedicated to helping clients recognize their potential.

Learn to strengthen your resilience by joining our Transition Tactician community at our online transition coaching academy. 

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About Tamara Harris

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Tamara Harris LLC is not only the culmination of my transition coach journey; it is also my personal story. I am obsessed with resilience and it is my life’s purpose to apply all my experiences and lessons I have learned, to help individuals and organizations strengthen their resilience by successfully navigating crises, opportunities and protracted transitions in order to achieve their goals.


"What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.”
Ralph Waldo Emerson

Transition Coaching

Available to coach you through all the stages of your major life's journeys.


Organization Solutions

Available for speaking engagements and interviews on topics that cover strategy, growth and transformation.

"Thanks to Tamara, I was able to navigate my journey and see a clear path to happiness. With her assistance, I developed a firm grasp of my values, a clear vision of my future and the goals needed to reach my vision.”

“Following my frustration with an unnecessarily protracted process, Tamara was vital to helping me obtain closure and to navigate the opportunities in building my new life. I refer Tamara to others who need someone with her invaluable skill set.”

“I have worked with Tamara for more than a decade and, as a CEO, I have come to her for a wide variety of challenges. Tamara’s prowess extends to group dynamics as she effectively moves conversations to new depths and towards solutions.” 

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